Lone Pioneer

This is a composite I made yesterday. I was commissioned by a friend to make an artistic cover for his album. The concept was simple, I must create Another World discovered by a single human pioneer in the distant future of course. This image was composed from 12 different images I took over the last…

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Queen of the Ferns

Just a little quick project I did to test a huge 150cm octa softbox just to see how soft the light is I would like to thank Christeleen for posing, you were great. Of course I added a little Photoshop magic to add some “zing” to it   0Shares

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The Room

This is a little self portrait I call “The Room”. When I’ feel a little depressed I always hide in my room even though the room really isn’t a safe place. I’ve got my best friend Rusty, He is always there by my side. Even though the room is dark, the fireplace that is the…

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