The Room

This is a little self portrait I call “The Room”. When I’ feel a little depressed I always hide in my room even though the room really isn’t a safe place. I’ve got my best friend Rusty, He is always there by my side. Even though the room is dark, the fireplace that is the light, symbolizes my creative thoughts. I’ve got sooooo many ideas for great photographic projects, that it fuels my desire to see it through. The fire is good, the fire is life. The other elements in the picture represents things of my past.

There is no better medicine for the soul than creative expression. So for those out there feeling the same. Get up, go on and make something. Like my greatest hero Einstein said: Life is like riding a bicycle, if you stop, you fall over, just keep moving!!!

This is a composite of 12 different images taken with three different cameras over the years. Always keep your RAW images, even if it’s years old. You’ll eventually find something to do with it ;)




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