Challenging photographing newborns, their moods change as quick as the weather here in Cape Town. But great reward in the end. They are so tiny, I always treat them as if photographing a still life eg. like a bowl of fruit ;)

. This is Nicola

Nicola-1 Nicola-2 Nicola-3 Nicola-4 Nicola-5 Nicola-6 Nicola-7 Nicola-8 Nicola-9 Nicola-10 Nicola-11 Nicola-12 Nicola-13 Nicola-14 Nicola-15 Nicola-16 Nicola-17 Nicola-18 Nicola-19 Nicola-20 Nicola-21 Nicola-22 Nicola-23 Nicola-24 Nicola-25 Nicola-26


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