Cinovia & Sachin

It was almost too perfect photographing these two. It was this perfect winter’s evening at Clifton. There was this gentle haziness creating this mystical soft light and on top of it all there was no wind and very strangely, almost no people on the beach. Perfect for a couple shoot! :)

Cinovia&Sachin-1 Cinovia&Sachin-2 Cinovia&Sachin-3 Cinovia&Sachin-4 Cinovia&Sachin-5 Cinovia&Sachin-6 Cinovia&Sachin-7 Cinovia&Sachin-8 Cinovia&Sachin-9 Cinovia&Sachin-10 Cinovia&Sachin-11 Cinovia&Sachin-12 Cinovia&Sachin-13 Cinovia&Sachin-14 Cinovia&Sachin-15 Cinovia&Sachin-16 Cinovia&Sachin-17 Cinovia&Sachin-18 Cinovia&Sachin-19 Cinovia&Sachin-20 Cinovia&Sachin-21 Cinovia&Sachin-22 Cinovia&Sachin-23 Cinovia&Sachin-24 Cinovia&Sachin-25 Cinovia&Sachin-26 Cinovia&Sachin-27 Cinovia&Sachin-28 Cinovia&Sachin-29 Cinovia&Sachin-30 Cinovia&Sachin-31 Cinovia&Sachin-32 Cinovia&Sachin-33 Cinovia&Sachin-34 Cinovia&Sachin-35 Cinovia&Sachin-36 Cinovia&Sachin-37 Cinovia&Sachin-38


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