Cinovia & Sachin

It was almost too perfect photographing these two. It was this perfect winter’s evening at Clifton. There was this gentle haziness creating this mystical soft light and on top of it all there was no wind and very strangely, almost no people on the beach. Perfect for a couple shoot!

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Challenging photographing newborns, their moods change as quick as the weather here in Cape Town. But great reward in the end. They are so tiny, I always treat them as if photographing a still life eg. like a bowl of fruit . This is Nicola

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Lone Pioneer

This is a composite I made yesterday. I was commissioned by a friend to make an artistic cover for his album. The concept was simple, I must create Another World discovered by a single human pioneer in the distant future of course. This image was composed from 12 different images I took over the last…

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Queen of the Ferns

Just a little quick project I did to test a huge 150cm octa softbox just to see how soft the light is I would like to thank Christeleen for posing, you were great. Of course I added a little Photoshop magic to add some “zing” to it  

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The Room

This is a little self portrait I call “The Room”. When I’ feel a little depressed I always hide in my room even though the room really isn’t a safe place. I’ve got my best friend Rusty, He is always there by my side. Even though the room is dark, the fireplace that is the…

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